Sports Premium

PE and Sport Premium at Greenmead Primary School 2016-17

The PE and Sport Premium is additional government funding to improve the quality of PE and sports activities offered to pupils in school. This is a challenging concept for Greenmead as many of the children do not undertake conventional ‘PE’. The funding is split into two amounts. For the period April to August 2016 we have been allocated £3,427.

One member of Support Staff for helps each class to facilitate the children in swimming or hydrotherapy sessions.

Transport to the Epsom Riding for the Disabled Centre for 4 pupils for weekly riding sessions.

Royal Academy of Dance weekly sessions conducted by a teacher for a number of classes.


How last year’s PE and Sports Premium was spent!

In the financial year 2015-16 the amount of PE and Sports Premium was £8,204.


How the PE & Sports Premium made a difference to the participation of pupils in physical activity at Greenmead School.

Support Staff to facilitate swimming and hydro for each class.

Hire of buses to take children to horse-riding. Different children go horse-riding each half term.

Royal Academy of Dance teacher running dance sessions for each class throughout the year.

Care Co-ordinator accompanying children to horse-riding to ensure correct manual handling techniques are used and the children are safe.

This funding has meant that every pupil in the school has been able to access some kind of physical activity during the school year.

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Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School
Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School
Photo of a pupil at Greenmead School

Friends of Greenmead

The Friends of Greenmead (FOG) is the registered charity of Greenmead School. It depends on the support of parents, friends and staff for its success. Through FOG’s fundraising activities, Greenmead pupils have access to a range of facilities which would not otherwise be available. This includes funding Music Therapy. New parents are encouraged to join. If you would like to make a donation to the school please contact the school office or go to

Charity Name: Friends of Greenmead Charity No.: 1012795